Who is BuckleApp meant for?

BuckleApp is for anyone who wishes to share rides with their friends.
We also serve municipalities/cities/organizations who wish to implement ride sharing internally.


How do we differ from existing ride sharing apps?
Since we are 100% social we have the following benefits:

     - Sharing a ride with a friend is with no charge.

     - You can create your own group of contacts, so there is no concern about identity.

     - You are part of a community who believes that sharing rides with friends should be fun, easy and cost less.

Are there any additional incentives for drivers who use the app?


Drivers who use the app earn points which can be used for incentivizing users by the group admins (through a dedicated panel).


Is the app free for all?


The app is totally free for all drivers and travelers.

Our mission is to create a 100% social means of transportation - friends.


As a driver, can anyone see my current location?

For a user to see a drivers location, a few conditions need to be met:

    - Traveler is in same group as driver (confimation is needed to join groups)

    - You are in motion with your app on.​ 

    - You have entered your current rides destination.


As a pedestrian, who can see my location?

No one can see pedestrians location.

Is my data stored anywhere?

Data is only stored for apps functionality and deleted as required.

Can the service be temporarily stopped?

The service can be temporarily stopped by users at any time by closing app.

How can I join an existing group?

In order to join an existing group you need to ask the administrator of the group to join you.


How can I find out about existing groups?


At the this website, you will be able to find out about existing groups.

Can the app work while it is off or in the background?

The app is active when either in forefront or when in background. Not when closed.

Which devices are supported by app?

We support all Android devices from version 5.5 and up.